Monday, 10 February 2014

Really funny jokes


Laugh about other people and the same will happen to you. Really funny jokes of classmates.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Best protein food

Proteins are very important for all humans. They have to eat every day. Proteins comprising a variety of cells and elements. For those people who work hard work protein is to eat a lot more than those who do sedentary work. The average person with a normal workload should take 100g of protein per day. For those people who work hard work need to eat at least 160g of protein per day. But factor in how much protein per day to eat can affect different things.
Some of the factors I can tell: Foods that you eat, the state of health, daily physical activity. There are many products containing a large amount of protein. It is important to eat healthy. Leaner meat protein is more than fatty meat and in beef meat is more like pork meat, because the pork is fatty. To capture the natural 100g of protein a person should eat several times a day. It's not easy, because need eat small portions. Proteins provide a human stronger bones, hairs, nails, teeth. Proteins a humans are needed to promote better metabolism. People who want to drop weight should not eat foods with high amounts of protein.

best protein food:

baked pork ribs 27 grams
Baked ham 37 grams 
Pork liver 21 grams 
Pork chop 16 grams 
Blood sausage 15 grams 
Dumplings with meat 11 grams 
Milk  sausage 11 grams 
salami sausage 23 grams 
Oatmeal 11 grams 
Buckwheat 13 grams 
Pasta 13 grams 
Chicken egg 13 grams 
Soy beans 37 grams 
Peas 22 grams 
Dutch cheese 26 grams 
Peanuts 26 grams 
Caviar 25 grams 
Shrimp 20 grams 
Salmon 20 grams 
Sardines 25 grams 
Squid 16 grams

Best foods with protein are milk product - eggs, cheese. Not recommended for use protein drink because it's not healthy. Best is to use protein diet with healthy products. If you search for foods are high in protein and calories, then you can use the list of previously list. Our high protein breakfast ideas are oats with milk. Very healthy, tasty and high in protein.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to treat a runny nose

Doctors say with drugs to treat a runny nose can be in five days, but without medical preparations for one week. I do not want to accept it because I have been able to quickly. How to treat a runny nose in one or two days? I have some method of treating runny nose.

1) hot bath helps to make it easier to breathe
2) Recommended to drink a lot of tea with lemon
3) Eat onions or garlic sandwiches
4) Need warm clothes and warm socks
5) To go to bed with warm clothes for the morning wake up wet

 I noticed all of these things in this order, and it helps. Repeat this process for as long as runny nose is cleared. Onions and garlic should be used quite often because of their therapeutic abilities. I myself really loves garlic and onion sandwiches. Another method is to hot steam breathing. This method is unlatched the nose and makes it easier to breathe. Many people choose to use the best medicine for runny nose but I choose natural treatments.

How to increase muscle mass

I have been studying information on the Internet about how to increase muscle mass and I've talked to many people and gained some useful information. Information on the internet is so much that is difficult to filter out useful information. Training programs are very different because the people are very different. There are people who have a low weight and are those which have a high weight and other factors which influence a workout. People who have normal weight is easier to increase muscle mass than those with low weight. Any person can be in good physical form. It is necessary to choose the right workout program for yourself. People who have great weight must be specific diets. These people have to work hard to convert the fat in the muscles. People with low weight must eat at least five to six times a day. There is a need for a reserve of calories that are not burned. We need to work very hard to increase muscle mass but it is possible. Many choose the easy way out and use a variety of protein powders. The effect can be achieved much faster, but it's not healthy.

 How to increase muscle mass? It is necessary to bring the top of the large weight bars. Need to train with dumbbells. Muscle mass can be increased through the most severe weight rods and dumbbels.

Coffee with cinnamon and milk

Usually I do not drink coffee because coffee is not very healthy. About coffee are a lot of discussion. Many people say that coffee is not healthy but other people believe that coffee is healthy in small doses. Others say that coffee is healthier than tea. Maybe it's just an advertisement and there is nothing healthy. I myself believe that coffee is not healthy. But sometimes I drink coffee because everything that is not healthy is delicious. Cinnamon and milk makes coffee a lot tastier. Black coffee will always be unhealthy as white coffee. Black coffee stained teeth yellow and it is a problem. Black Coffee badly affect your liver functioning. Better to drink coffee with milk and sugar. In addition to the coffee can add cinnamon. Cinnamon is used as a coffee flavoring and the taste is much better. Cinnamon has a therapeutic effect, it protects the body from bacterium. Coffee with milk and cinnamon create Christmas mood and daily coffee drinking makes interesting. When I asked people whether you are drinking milk with coffee and cinnamon, they usually say no, but coffee with milk drinking. But they are not heard my words. The difference is that I asked if you drink milk with coffee instead of coffee with milk. You ask where is the difference? The difference is in the taste and the ratio of liquid. Milk with coffee is much tastier. Others say that syrup in coffee is delicious. I myself do not like this option because coffee is too sweet.