Thursday, 30 January 2014

Coffee with cinnamon and milk

Usually I do not drink coffee because coffee is not very healthy. About coffee are a lot of discussion. Many people say that coffee is not healthy but other people believe that coffee is healthy in small doses. Others say that coffee is healthier than tea. Maybe it's just an advertisement and there is nothing healthy. I myself believe that coffee is not healthy. But sometimes I drink coffee because everything that is not healthy is delicious. Cinnamon and milk makes coffee a lot tastier. Black coffee will always be unhealthy as white coffee. Black coffee stained teeth yellow and it is a problem. Black Coffee badly affect your liver functioning. Better to drink coffee with milk and sugar. In addition to the coffee can add cinnamon. Cinnamon is used as a coffee flavoring and the taste is much better. Cinnamon has a therapeutic effect, it protects the body from bacterium. Coffee with milk and cinnamon create Christmas mood and daily coffee drinking makes interesting. When I asked people whether you are drinking milk with coffee and cinnamon, they usually say no, but coffee with milk drinking. But they are not heard my words. The difference is that I asked if you drink milk with coffee instead of coffee with milk. You ask where is the difference? The difference is in the taste and the ratio of liquid. Milk with coffee is much tastier. Others say that syrup in coffee is delicious. I myself do not like this option because coffee is too sweet.


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