Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to treat a runny nose

Doctors say with drugs to treat a runny nose can be in five days, but without medical preparations for one week. I do not want to accept it because I have been able to quickly. How to treat a runny nose in one or two days? I have some method of treating runny nose.

1) hot bath helps to make it easier to breathe
2) Recommended to drink a lot of tea with lemon
3) Eat onions or garlic sandwiches
4) Need warm clothes and warm socks
5) To go to bed with warm clothes for the morning wake up wet

 I noticed all of these things in this order, and it helps. Repeat this process for as long as runny nose is cleared. Onions and garlic should be used quite often because of their therapeutic abilities. I myself really loves garlic and onion sandwiches. Another method is to hot steam breathing. This method is unlatched the nose and makes it easier to breathe. Many people choose to use the best medicine for runny nose but I choose natural treatments.

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